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With a proven method and system that spans nearly 20 years, the Pinnacle Coaching method has revolutionized the business of organizational leadership and producing results worldwide

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Your Ability to Lead Matters

Leadership is, quite simply, the biggest thing that separates good companies from great ones. It is central to long term success and everyday operations. Leadership is the heart of every great team.

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Book: The Brink How Great Leadership Is Invented

Book:  The Brink How Great Leadership Is Invented

Designed for the executive, the entrepreneur, the dreamer, and the action junkie, The Brink is a revelatory philosophy of leadership distilled into clearly actionable steps.

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Meet Mark Hunter

Mark is the Founder of Pinnacle Coaching and is the Inspiration and drive that leads this firm. In creating an international leadership coaching company that works primarily with organizations and executives around leadership and team development Mark is committed to the development of leadership across the globe. He currently holds the MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential through the International Coach Federation, and has been trained by two independent ICF accredited Coach Training Programs over the past 19 years.